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archives of Pancisin and Bindzar familly

RUSYNS [book / photographs / videos / songs / texts]

Documentary project about past and present life of relocated people of Rusyn minority from the region of water dam Starina (villages Starina, Dara, Ruske, Smolnik, Velka Polana, Ostroznica, Zvala)

In 2005 I have initiated a group of young people (descendants) from community of the Rusyns who were relocated from villages of Horna Cirocha valley (in Eastern Slovakia) between 1983 and 1987. Their villages were later destroyed and water dam Starina was built. Most of the Rusyns who were relocated found their new 'homes' in neighbouring towns of Snina and Humenne and other places.

The group have collected archival images, songs and videos and made their own contemporary documents of the life of their parents and grand parents … how they have lived and how they live now.

The exhibition under title RUSNACI / RUSYNS (accompanied by a book) was presented for the first time in 2006 at Sarisska Galeria in Presov.

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