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Point 0 / Bod 0
HD video, 2013

Point 0 is an initiative of artist group Public Pedestal, which was trying to reflect situation in public space of Bratislava, Slovakia.

"Freedom square is one of the last authentic spaces in the centre of Bratislava proposed in socialism era. It stands out with its formal workmanship corresponding with time of its creation/design in 1970s and placing in 197980. Its current neglected state and out-of-order monumental fountain reflect our inability to face our history of the socialism era. We find it valuable and noteworthy that the square has kept its appearance and has been preserved in its original state up to date. Should we change it? Unclear vision and non-existing public discussion about ways of handling these "leftovers" of socialism are only confirmed by the efforts to relocate Bratislava memorial of Ludovit Stur to the square, or by realization of November 17, 1989 memorial. Point 0 brings to the square four temporary projects, which pro-actively react to its historical layers. Temporariness, impermanence, openness are terms by which we create a space, where on the background of socialist environment we are able to think about ourselves differently."

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