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Animal Imago

How do we, urban animals of the 21st century, relate to "other animals"? Whatever the relationship, the dominant idea is that man is a superior species. However, increasingly it appears that we have abused our position as "top species". What can we learn if we really try to listen to, collaborate with or put ourselves in the animals' place? And how can we use these insights, to our benefit too, to build a more acceptable and sustainable future? [source: KAAI THEATER catalogue 03/2013]

I made images for the book in the moments, I was not able to communicate with people.They are postcards for my niece, who kept asking me, why do I have to travel?

I photographed mostly "Urban Pets", humanized by different societies. My images are full of little stories about reality, which is not given to us, but we have to create it. I believe spoken stories are as much important as written ones.

In the book I left few empty pages. There is no manual, how to use them. I want audience to react and interact with reality I am showing. I want them, to change Animal Imago into their own book.

SBN: 978-80-97147785, 2013
Hard cover, 24 pages
Size: 30x40cm
70 EUR